!!!Parachuting is a dangerous sport!!!

SKYER company, sellers, dealers disclaim liability for damage caused when using our product (device). The user assumes all risks associated with skydiving when using our product, and that occasionally skydiving can result in personal injury and even death.

Buyer or user when using the product (device) SKYER releases the manufacturer and the seller, the dealer from any liability for damages, losses arising before and during or after the jump.  


The warranty for the SKYER product (device) is 9 (nine) months.

Failure or breakage occurring within 9 (nine) months from the date of sale, which occurred through the fault of the manufacturer, will be corrected at the expense of the manufacturer. Repair during the warranty period-does not extend the warranty period.

To apply for warranty repairs, please contact the seller, the dealer from whom the goods were purchased, or not directly to SKYER.

The warranty does not apply in the case of:

  • if the damage occurred under the influence of external influences;
  • repair was carried out not by service of the company;


Parachuting is a dangerous sport that can lead to injury or death. An altimeter is a mechanical (electronic) device that can fail even when properly designed, manufactured, tested, maintained, and used. Failure can occur both during the ascent and descent — it is necessary to use visual height control. Do not trust your safety to the altimeter! An altimeter can only be considered as a height detection device (accessory). The altimeter should only be used as an addition to visual contact with the ground.