SKYER altimeter reviews

Buying an altimeter from Russia? and why not?
I did all the research on quality and cost benefit, I was very happy with what I read.
The conversation via WhatsApp directly with the representative Viktor Viktorovich was great, in 10 minutes I had already made the transfer online, and the next day it was already being shipped.
Obviously, Brazilian customs taxed me with 100% fees and a further 100% fine, with the total amount being R $ 3,000.
I returned it, and even before going to Russia, the Representative already arranged for the shipment with the Brazilian Representative who was there in a jump training, PAULO ASSIS from SKY RADICAL Boituva, and if you are from Brazil, you can buy from him too, I went discover after having bought, in 15 days it was already on my wrist and flying PERFECT and PRECISE.

George Avramidis
Simple, but promising!
I bought this altimeter because of the low cost and the large readable screen about a year ago and I'm very pleased! First time I used it there was a malfunction and the dealer was available to assist me immediately and reassured me with the replacement of a new device.
Ιf you are looking to buy a new digital altimeter with these features, buy it, you won't be disappointed in any way! I'm about to buy a second one for the chest!

Dr. Ronald LaVoie
Skyker Altimeter
I purchased my altimeter approximately one year ago. I was looking for an altimeter at a reasonable cost, with a large readout. I must say that I have used and abused this altimeter, and it has not disappointed! It has a lot of nice features and I can read it without my glasses!! You won't be disappointed if you buy! Skyer gives superior customer service, instead of excuses!! Just buy can thank me later!

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