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9 month warranty

Shock-resistant housing

SKYER digital altimeter

Characteristics of the device and completeness

- dimensions 59 mm-39 mm-14 mm

- high-contrast large 4-digit LCD display with led backlight

- battery discharge indicator LB

- USB charging

- altitude range -500m -+ 9999м precision measuring 1m

- waterproof housing

- 1.5 mm protective anti-vandal polycarbonate glass

- function (hop count, detail, extreme jump, free fall, maximum speed)

- included (hand mount, mini usb cable, charger, manual, warranty card)

Парашютный высотомер SKYER



Parachuting is a dangerous sport that can lead to injury or death. An altimeter is a mechanical (electronic) device that can fail even when properly designed, manufactured, tested, maintained, and used. Failure can occur both during the ascent and descent — it is necessary to use visual height control. Do not trust your safety to the altimeter! An altimeter can only be considered as a height detection device (accessory). The altimeter should only be used as an addition to visual contact with the ground.